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What is frequency infused cannabis?

Thanks to Einstein’s theory of relativity, we know that science has proven that everything is energy. That means that energy is absolutely everything! But I bet you didn’t know that when you smoke regular cannabis you are altering  your consciousness, becoming energetically vulnerable to all kinds of energy, be it positive, negative or otherwise!

So, why would you ever smoke regular cannabis when you can choose to smoke cannabis that has been energetically infused with specific frequencies that curate a more protected and intuitive experience when you smoke? You won’t ever want to smoke regualr cannabis again.

In fact in blind smoke tests we conducted, 100 percent of smokers picked PSYCHIC MARY frequency infused cannabis over regular  untreated cannabis. AND those results are blowing our minds!

We can’t wait for you to try PSYCHIC MARY and have a more protected and spiritual cannabis experience when you smoke!

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Utilizing the Psychic Mary Tarot

Grinders = Pentacles
Lighters = Swords
Papers = Wands
Pipes = Cups

Grower = King
Dealer = Knight
Smoker = Queen
Tender = Page

1 = Unity
2 = Duality
3 = Trinity
4 = Alchemy
5 = Prosperity
6 = Protection
7 = Magic
8 = Affinity
9 = Mastery
10 = Renewal

The PSYCHIC MARY tarot deck is created by’s Jusstine Kenzer. This specialized tarot deck is intended to be used intuitively. Based on the Rider-Waite deck, any Rider-Waite definitions can assist in interpreting the card meanings. However, it is strongly encouraged to use the modern-day meanings to understand the deck’s highest truth.

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Jusstine Kenzer

PSYCHIC MARY is created by’s Jusstine Kenzer. Featured in the media around the world, at the height of her career, Jusstine unexpectedly experienced a series of near fatal events to which her life was only saved through the miraculous power of frequency healing. Now Jusstine is on a passionate mission bringing the most unique, yet much needed frequency infused products to market.

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